prof. Rusjan Rene

University unit: Akademija umetnosti
Room: 22
Phone: 05 3315-223
Organization: Akademija umetnosti UNG
Organization website: //

Rene Rusjan is the director of programmes of UNG School of Arts (UNG AU). Visual artist with origins in sculpture, but working in wide fields of contemporary art; the broad scope of her activities encompasses educational work in the fields of contemporary art practices, from visual, intermedia, and performing arts, to theatrical set design, curating exhibitions, and complex art projects. Together with Boštjan Potokar, they founded the Galerija GT Cultural Association (1988) and the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (1994), which led to today's UNG School of Arts. She is professor of contemporary arts and leads the Contemporary Art Practices Module in BA and MA (Digital/Media Arts and Practices) programmes. As programme director Rene curates the main directions of the programmes and the development of the carrier modules.