pridr. prof. Hribernik Jasna univ.dipl.režiser

University unit: Akademija umetnosti
Room: 25/A
Phone: 05 3315 223
Organization: Univerza v Novi Gorici

Jasna Hribernik is an independant film director and author of videofilms, video installations and other multi-media works. She works also as D.O.P. and compositing artist. Since 1985 she has created numerous original documentary and fiction-documentary films, of which several were internationally screened and awarded (When a Ball Hit Our Heads, A Concert for Mobile Phones and an Orchestra, The Last Boat, The World Didn't Know it Found itself in a Song). Her interdisciplinary work culminates in visible group-authored projects, her special competence being video inserts. In 2011/12 she has directed the feature film Vandima. Jasna Hribernik studied Film and Television Directing at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana and took part in the two-year Discovery Campus Masterschool in documentary film directing in Munich.