Dekleva Luka mag.fotografije

University unit: Akademija umetnosti
Room: 25/A
Phone: 05 3315 223
Organization: Univerza v Novi Gorici

Luka Dekleva works as a photographer, performer, and video artist. After finishing his MA studies at FAMU in Prague, he began exploring the unpredictability of the digital moving image. He was drawn to the inherent noise that is inevitably a constant follower of every new technological development. Noise as a by-product of the basic signal carriers for audio/visual information presents new realms for systematic abuse and use of the improbabilities in self-generative art. He has presented his work as a solo artist or in collaboration with others, participating in a number of events, including Ars Electronica and Bast Collective. He has been teaching photography since 2002, and creative media since 2007.