Govednik Rok univ.dipl.kult.

University unit: Akademija umetnosti
Room: 10
Phone: 05 3315 362, 05 3315 223
Internal phone: 362, 223

He graduated in film and cultural studies from Faculty of Social Sciences (University in Ljubljana, Slovenia). He is employed as an expert associate for film, animated film and photography at the School of Arts at University of Nova Gorica. He is also a lecturer of film and media theory and history at collages and high schools, and he is the instructor of new film mentors at National education institute Slovenia. He regularly works as a mentor of film education for children and youth in cinemas, at film festivals, schools and at film camps. Govednik writes film critics in main Slovenian film magazines, and researches and develops different film-pedagogical approaches. He is also the director and the head of the programme of Institute for Advancement of Visual Culture VIZO, which main goal is to develop the national level of film education.