Establishment of the Edvard Rusjan Foundation

17 September 2001

At Nova Gorica Polytechnic we are aware of the significance of a stable and predictable provision of financial means for a quality implementation of higher education and its long-term development. For that reason, the Edvard Rusjan Foundation was established on 17th September 2001, the exclusive mission of which is to care for a quality and constant development of the activities implemented by Nova Gorica Polytechnic.

The Edvard Rusjan Foundation will provide financial and other support to the operation and further development of Nova Gorica Polytechnic; will care for the complementing and upgrading of the research equipment and infrastructure, for the quality education of higher education teachers and mentors; and will promote the design and implementation of study and scientific/research programmes, which are important to the social, economic, technological, scientific, and cultural development.

The Foundation will establish and maintain the bonds between the university and the economy. For that purpose it will provide the means for the development of innovative activity and technological centres, and for the transfer of attained knowledge, experience and new technologies into practice. A considerable part of the Foundation’s means will be intended for the education of perspective undergraduate and postgraduate students, and the development of the publishing activity, which will help students in their studies, and university employees in their everyday work.

In order to successfully realise its set goals, the Foundation is collecting applications for foundation, donations, grants, subsidies, and other monetary and non-monetary assets that it will allocate in accordance with the expert programme and purpose. With its operation the Foundation will additionally provide the promotion and increase of the recognisability and reputation of Nova Gorica Polytechnic in the broader public and abroad. What is important is that the gained assets will not be spent – the Foundation will carry out its mission by spending the return on invested assets.