The University of Nova Gorica Foundation was established by the University of Nova Gorica in September 2001. It is a non-profit institution whose basic aim is to provide financial and other support to current activities and to the future development of the University of Nova Gorica.

In accordance with the purpose of its establishment, the Foundation sees to the acquisition and upgrading of research equipment and infrastructure, to the provision of high-quality training of higher education teachers and mentors, as well as to the development of new study and scientific research programmes that are indispensable for the social, economic, technological, scientific and cultural progress.

The Foundation builds and strengthens the links between the University of Nova Gorica and economy. To this end, it provides the means necessary for the development of innovative activities and technological centres, as well as the transformation of the acquired knowledge, experience and latest technologies into practice. Part of the Foundation’s funds are intended to support promising undergraduate and graduate students with scholarships and promote the University’s publishing activities that help students gain academic knowledge and the University workers perform their everyday work. Finally, the Foundation also sees to the promotion and international recognition of the University of Nova Gorica both in Slovenia and abroad.

To meet the set objectives, the Foundation collects financial and material funds, works of art, shares, property and material rights, and any other assessable assets that may be of great value. The Foundation’s capital is not expended; in accordance with its professional guidelines and purposes, the scholarship, grant and investment funds are allocated exclusively from the returns on the accumulated assets.

University of Nova Gorica Foundation
Vipavska 13
Rožna Dolina
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

T: +386 5 6205 827