The Foundation designs funds through which it allocates the available assets in accordance with its purpose and the accepted policy concerning research and education.

Currently, the Foundation has the following funds:

Fund for Talented Students 'Edvard Rusjan’
The resources from this fund are used to support gifted students studying at UNG.

Fund for Development of New Study Programmes
The resources from this fund will be used to support new, promising study programmes that have not yet received state financial backing, and the study programmes which are financed by the state but the funding for which does not meet the requirements for the provision of quality education.

Fund for Research Financing
The resources from this fund will be used to further the successful development of the research activities performed at the University of Nova Gorica.

Fund for Infrastructure Development
The fund will pool all the tangible and intangible assets, with the intention of promoting the development of the infrastructure of the University of Nova Gorica (immoveable property, equipment, right to use, right to manage, etc.).

Fund for Cancer Research “Zavrtanik”
Fund was created by a donation of prof. dr. Danilo Zavrtanik. The resources from this fund will be used for financing research activities in the fields of oncology, cell and molecular biology, genetics and development of modern therapeutic tools in oncology.

Fund for Development of Cognitive Sciences in Nova Gorica
The resources of this fund are used for development of cognitology and cognitive sciences on University of Nova Gorica.

Golden and silver donors may create and name their own earmarked funds.