Industrial Liaison Office

Industrial Liaison Office searches market solutions and with a combination of researches and business know-how contributes to a better life quality.

Industrial Liaison Office at the University of Nova Gorica manages the technology transfer and promotes the use of the University’s capacities in industrial applications and researches. The already formed Intellectual property of the University is ready to be offered to appropriate business partners interested in its purchase or presented to potential partners, seeking the opportunities for cooperation. Read more

For companies

We offer to companies an innovative knowledge services, laboratory facilities, and patents. We also offer both existing solutions and possibilities of finding new, proprietary solutions. Common drawings on funds give you/us an opportunity to get a part of development funds.
Services for companies

For students and researchers

Are you a student, researcher and have an interesting idea which you would like to offer to the market? Have you created an invention and have contacts with industrial partners and would like to learn more about intellectual property (patents, licenses,...) and possible agreements (research, confidentiality,...)? Perhaps you would like to participate in the projects?
Services for researchers and students

Reference projects

Store Steel d.o.o. – Simulation of steel production (Laboratory for Multiphase Processes)

Simulation of steel production in the company Store Steel Ltd. has enabled a breakthrough in the highest grade products.

Electrolux Italia SpA – ultrafine titanium dioxide for self-cleaning and photocatalytic surfaces (Laboratory for Environmental Research)

Photocatalysis for the treatment of wastewater from household appliances. Skid fotoreaktor, which will be built into the washing machine.

List of selected reference projects


Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)

Vipavska 13
Rožna Dolina
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

Aljaž Rener

T: +386 (0)5 3315 251

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