Industrial Liaison Office

Industrial Liaison Office

Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) supports the transfer of technology and promotion of the use of University facilities in industrial research and applications. ILO carries out its mission in the regional and international environment. Transfer activities can be the following: the exchange of knowledge and expertise, establishing business networks, participation in international competitions, organization of expert meetings.

At the moment there are six research laboratories and five research centers at the University of Nova Gorica . They hold a significant amount of intellectual property, which is ready to be transfered to the industrial environment.

ILO can offer a support for the majority of researches and services in the areas of nanomaterials, environmental materials, winemaking, biomedicine and information technology to the innovative companies from Slovenia and abroad. An important area of cooperation between the University of Nova Gorica and the business sector is also a joint participation in national and international development-oriented tenders and research in the fields of high technology. Cooperation between the academic and business sector significantly raises the possibility to win tender funds.


Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)
Vipavska 13
Rožna Dolina
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

Aljaž Rener

T: +386 (0)5 3315 251