Industrial Liaison Office

Reference projects

Cinkarna Celje d.d. Laboratory for Environmental Research – ultrafine titanium dioxide for self-cleaning and photocatalytic surfaces

Ultrafine titanium dioxide is their product, which we use in our wet chemistry synthetic protocols to obtain efficient self-cleaning transparent films and photocatalytic coatings on various supports for removal of organic pollutants from water and air.

Electrolux Italia s.p.a. Laboratory for Environmental Research – cleaning water from household appliances

Research on water treatment from household appliances is performed with photocatalytic methods. For this purpose we are using a highly efficient supported catalyst developed in our laboratory and a photoreactor system that was designed for this specific application.

Štore Steel d.o.o. Laboratory for Multiphase Processes

Simulation of steel production in the company has enabled a breakthrough in the highest grade products. Steel from Štore are used in vehicles Ferrari and Rolls-Royce, and the award-winning truck rally Paris-Dakkar.

Škrlj d.o.o. Wine Research Centre

Improvement presses UltraPress with the controlled dosing of oenological funds.
The introduction of self-cleaning surfaces (hypo-reductive process of pressing grapes in order to preserve the primary aromatike must/wine).

Corus inženirji d.o.o. Materials Research Laboratory

New materials for geothermal applications. Materials Research Laboratory and the company jointly developed a mixture of high thermal conductive-filled masses.
Program to assist in the sizing of geothermal wells.