Industrial Liaison Office

For students and researchers

Are you a student, researcher and have an interesting idea which you would like to offer to the market? Have you created an invention and have contacts with industrial partners and would like to learn more about intellectual property (patents, licenses, ...) and possible agreements (research, confidentiality, ...)? Perhaps you would like to participate in the projects?

We can offer students and researchers::

  • Rules about inventions
  • Guidance in creation of ideas
  • Advice for creating intellectual property
  • Advice on the procedure for the protection of intellectual property
  • Cooperation with industry: searching for appropriate partners, research agreements, non-disclosure agreements, transfer of knowledge
  • The creation of new solutions Spin Off, Spin Out and Start Up Company
  • Common appearances on local and international calls

Areas of research


Synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials and polymers for electronic applications. Analysis and research materials: photocatalytic, multiferroics and electrocaloric. Numerical modeling of many processes of metal, plastic and ceramic materials and their composites.


We perform basic and applicable researches in various fields of environmental sciences. Analyses with the use of lasers. Organic matter in the environment: monitoring, transformation and effects. Materials for photocatalysis and environmental applications. Sustainable use and protection of natural resources.

Science of living nature

Research activities related to the fields of viticulture, enology. We want to develop new solutions to improve the quality of the aging process by combining modern technologies in biomedicine and nano-engineering and.


Using the physics we try to understand the nature. We have a lot of experience in the field of conducting and semiconducting layers, surfaces, polymers, probing dust particles measuring electro-optic phenomena in nano-second precision GPS synchronization.

Information Technology

Information technologies for support of activities in medicine, public health system and environmental sciences, theory of systems and control, design and optimisation of systems and operations.


Our research falls into two main streams: literary studies and cognitive science, with focus on formal linguistics.

Research units of UNG

Laboratory for Environmental Research

Basic and applied research in various fields of environmental sciences.

Laboratory for Astroparticle Physics

Astrophysics, cosmic ray physics, physics of elementary particles.

Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics

Preparation of thin films, electrical conductivity measurements of thin layers, surface characterization by atomic force microscope.

Laboratory for Multiphase Processes

Modeling of melting and solidification of metals and other technological materials.

Materials Research Laboratory

Nanostructures, electronic and environmental materials.

Laboratory of Quantum Optics

Advanced laser sources and surface characterization.

Centre for Atmospheric Research

The study of processes in the ionosphere and the detection of pollutants in the atmosphere over long distances with Lidar methods.

Centre for Systems and Information Technologies

Informatics in medicine, biology, education, technological and environmental sciences.

Wine Research Centre

Viticulture, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing, ...

Centre for biomedical sciences and engineering

Molecular cell biology, neuroscience, studies of aging.

Research Centre for Humanities

Linguistics, literary criticism, ...