International and Project Office

As part of projects the Office offers administrative support and financial guidance at all stages of international research projects lifecycle, from preparation of project application to implementation and reporting.

Relevant Calls

In this section you can access the list of open calls that could be relevant and interesting for researchers and lecturers at University of Nova Gorica. The list enables selection of calls based on Programme or Finance source and based on UNG’s departments. The calls are arranged in accordance with submission deadlines.

Open Calls


International and Project Office

Aljaž Rener
Dvorec Lanthieri
Glavni trg 8
SI-5271 Vipava
T: +386 5 6205 829

Ongoing Projects at University of Nova Gorica

Tiltle of the project Source of co-financing (Programme, Institution, Initiative, etc.) Project Duration
ATHEME – Advancing the European Multilingual Experience Framework Programme 7 2014 – 2019
NFFA EUROPE – Integration and opening existing national and regional research infrastructures of European interest Horizon 2020 2015 – 2019
CLIC – Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse Horizon 2020 2017 – 2020
URBINAT – Healthy corridors as drivers of social housing neighbourhoods for the co-creation of social, environmental and marketable NBS Horizon 2020 2018 – 2023
EnViRoS – Opportunities for environmentally friendly viticulture: optimization of irrigation and introduction of new genotypes of wines ERA-NET ARIMNET2 2017 – 2020
EcoLamb – Holistic Production to Reduce the Ecological Footprint of Meat ERA-Net SUSAN 2017 – 2020
NanoElMem – Designing new renewable nano-structured electrode and membrane materials for direct alkaline M-ERA.NET 2017 – 2020
MX OSMOPED – MXene organic semiconductor blends for high-mobility printed organic electronic devices FLAG-ERA JTC 2018 – 2021
MAST – Master Module in Art, Science and Technology EC DG Connect 2018 – 2020
RETINA – Opening research laboratories to innovative industrial applications INTERREG V-A Slovenija – Avstrija 2014 – 2020 2017 -2020
AGROTUR II – Sustainable development of agriculture and tourism on crossborder Kras INTERREG V-A Italija – Slovenija 2014 – 2020 2017 -2019
EDUKA2 – Crossborder management of education INTERREG V-A Italija – Slovenija 2014 – 2020 2017 -2019
MEMORI-NET – Network for Mental Rehabilitation and Motors of the Ictus INTERREG V-A Italija – Slovenija 2014 – 2020 2017 -2019

ORP index

ORP Index (Directory of Ongoing Research Projects in European Countries ) is the only overall source of the information on the ongoing research projects available in European Countries covering the information on more than 180 000 research projects and more than 400 000 organizations/ contact details related to these projects in European Countries.
The database enables the search of similar projects that are being prepared at University of Nova Gorica. In this way it is possible to avoid proposing of already financed activities, create synergies with existing project and thus enhance the competitiveness of project proposals and impact of approved projects.

You can access the database here: