Scholarship Fund “Young Physicists 2020” at the School of Applied Sciences, University of Nova Gorica

Feb. 5, 2013

In 2012, the faculty and staff of the School of Applied Sciences formed connections with the institutions and individuals who believe that Slovenia’s future is much dependent on the innovative and well-educated youth population that will easily keep up with the current, topical events in the world of sciences and technical matters. The result of these connections is the creation of the scholarship fund “Young Physicists 2020”. In includes donations that will, through scholarships, already in the academic year 2013/2014, enable students to enroll in the Bachelor’s Study Programme Physics (First Level) at the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica.

Within the Slovene higher education sphere, the Bachelor’s Study Programme Physics (First Level) offers an up-to-date education to future experts in physics, as it encourages students to approach the contemporary industry and science problem solving in a wholesome and committed way. The graduates can deal with a wide array of experimental ideas and their work is a valuable contribution to every institution that prides itself on a detailed knowledge of physics and an innovative approach to solving physics questions. Moreover, they are skilled in measurement techniques that play a crucial role in optimization of a production process or in new research areas in physics. The Bachelor’s Study Programme Physics is interdisciplinary in its nature. The students get acquainted with the connections between physics and biology or physics and electronics, at the same time, they have lectures in intellectual property law. By being offered many elective courses, the students are guaranteed to get the knowledge they feel will help them most in their future careers. The courses are conducted in small groups, which enables the professors to establish a genuine contact with the students, additionally, the quality of the studies is certainly improved by the introduction of tutors who work with students. Every students who opts for a tutor get a junior faculty member to work with him or her, making sure that all his assignments are done in due time and that his understanding of the courses’ topics is adequate and usable in practice.

The scholarship fund “Young Physics 2020” promises a lot already in its first year, as it offers at least ten scholarships. New sponsors are joining continually, so we expect that by 2013 the number of scholarships will surely have grown. Each scholarship offers a grantee a monthly stipend of 200 EUR and lasts for all three years of study (every academic year, a student is funded for ten months). The requirement for keeping the scholarship is making a regular progress on the program that one is enrolled in. Among the sponsors, we find companies like GEN-I (joint stock company) or, COSYLAB (joint stock company), Ajdovščina municipality, and a world-renowned research institute Sinhrotron from Trieste. The most prestigious scholarship awarded to the best student in each generation, is donated personally by the Rector of the University of Nova Gorica, prof. dr. Danilo Zavrtanik.

For details on the enrolment process, the study program, or the scholarship fund “Young Physics 2010”, please write to the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences, prof. dr. Gvido Bratina (, phone: +386 5 365 35 00).

Further information

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Public Relations
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