The University of Nova Gorica got Accredited for Seven Years

Nov. 4, 2013

Slovenia Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – NAKVIS – approved accreditation to the University of Nova Gorica for seven more years. This, according to law, is the longest possible time to get accreditation for.

The evaluations took place in May this year, however, we started with the process of getting accreditation already in September 2012. The evaluation committee consisted of seven evaluators; those were experts from Slovenian and foreign universities as well as two representatives of the student body.

The explanation of the evaluation that NAKVIS sent to the University of Nova Gorica read that the University is a young, small in terms of its size and the student body, contemporary, and a student-friendly institution that is geared towards research. The University has managed to design a variety of research fields and study programs, most of which seem tightly connected with the needs and opportunities that the local environment produces and offers. The University borders Italy, which makes it possible to form bilateral agreements with the neighboring country and we have been making use of this opportunity to the fullest.

As one of the advantages of our University, they stressed the direct transition of the research results into educational process, genuine relations between students and professors, a nice balance between pedagogical work and research, the inclusion of students into research and project work, adjusting admission to the needs of the relevant work environments, well-organized practical training, an efficient way of monitoring the employability of graduates, optimization of study programs, and the informal introduction to the pre-study of certain selected topics.

The conclusion read that in the period after the first accreditation had been granted, the University of Nova Gorica has made progress in pretty much all the relevant areas and aspects of its work.

According to the latest NAKVIS accreditation, the University of Nova Gorica thus falls in the same quality league as the other Slovenian universities.

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