A video and a series of digital graphics which were created as part of the SUNGREEN project are among the awardees of the Majski salon 2015 (May Salon 2015)

May 20, 2015

A video and a series of graphics by Vanja Mervič (Masters of Arts) which were created by using the line electronic microscope and were part of the international project of the University of Nova Gorica, called SUNGREEN (http://sungreen.ung.si), received an award of the Majski salon that is given out by the Association of the Slovene fine arts creators and was dedicated to the theme of »Air«.

Faculty members of the University of Nova Gorica participated in the project, namely, Assistant Professor Mattia Fanetti, Assistant Professor Aleš Vaupotič, and the SUNGREEN project leader, Full Professor Matjaž Valant.

The exhibition Majski salon 2015 – “air” is available for viewing at the Lokar gallery in Ajdovščina, Prešernova cesta 15. The grand opening of the exhibition took place on May 15 at 6 pm and will last until June 11.

On June 18, the exhibition of the awardees of the Majski salon will open at the Slovenian cultural center Korotan exhibition hall in Vienna.


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