Lecturer from the field of English language

Aug. 30, 2017

The University of Nova Gorica publishes the vacant post of lecturer from the field of English language.
Deadline for application: 15. 9. 2017

The candidates are expected to:

  • have at least a university degree in the field of English language,
  • have the title of Lecturer or be able to fulfil the academic conditions for obtaining this title,
  • be involved in the pedagogic activities at the University of Nova Gorica for up to ten hours per week.

The selected candidate will, upon obtaining the academic title, perform the pedagogic obligations at one ore more study programs at the University of Nova Gorica.

The position will start on 1st October 2017, for a temporary appointment for a one-year period, in the form of a part-time position in the scope of 20 hours per week.

Please submit:

  • CV,
  • description of previous work experience,
  • scientific and professional bibliography.

Please submit your application with the evidence that you meet the above-mentioned criteria by e-mail as a single file in pdf format to the University of Nova Gorica, Personnel Office, to the e-mail address tea.stibilj.nemec@ung.si


Further information

Applications and further information:

Tea Stibilj Nemec
phone: 05 33 15 261
e-mail: tea.stibilj.nemec@ung.si