A school member of the University of Nova Gorica was given the Lirikonov zlát award

June 4, 2019

During the 18th Lirikonfesta Velenje, a faculty member of the School of Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Barbara Pregelj, received a prestigious literary award called Lirikonov zlát.

The award is given out to the best journal and festival translations of the 21st century Spanish poetry into Slovene.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Pregelj mainly researches various aspects of the reception of Spanish literature in the Slovene literary field, questions related to translation issues, young adults literature and literary interpretation. She received the award for her translation of the poems by Lawrence Schimel and Francisco Tomsich. They were published in the anthology titled Rp. Lirikon21.

We sincerely congratulate her.

Andreja Leban, Public Relations