Coronavirus Instructions

March 10, 2020


  • Colleagues who reside in Italy, please carry out the work remotely from home, as of today until further instructions.
  • All other colleagues are asked to come to work as usual.
  • All scheduled board meetings will be implemented as planned. If board members are unable to attend any of the sessions in person, we will enable them to participate via Skype.
  • Please postpone business trips abroad.
  • Colleagues who are sent on a business trip in Slovenia should get familiar with, accept, and confirm the risks of possible infection by signing a travel order. If any colleague does not accept the risks, the business trip shall not be approved.
  • Incoming mobility and visits (arrivals to the UNG): Please postpone your arrivals.
  • Visitors who are already at the UNG should get familiar with, accept, and confirm the risks of possible infection by written statement.
  • Decisions on travel in Slovenia are approved by the Rector, after they have been discussed by the coordination group.
  • All activities related to the pedagogical process should be carried out remotely until further notice. Where this is not possible, lectures and other pedagogical obligations are to be postponed for an indefinite period.
  • All seminars are cancelled until further notice.
  • We urge all colleagues, students, and visitors of the University to implement the generally preventative and specific measures issued by the National Institute of Public Health, in order to help prevent the spread of viruses.

As the situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus is rapidly evolving, you are advised to regularly follow the guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Further information

Andreja Leban
Public Relations
T: +386 5 620 58 27