Prof. Oskar Kogoj receives a Lifetime Achievement Award

Dec. 4, 2020

The Designers Society of Slovenia presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Oskar Kogoj, an Associate of the University of Nova Gorica and the University of Nova Gorica Foundation’s Golden Donor.

As stated in the justification of the award, Prof. Oskar Kogoj is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished and publicly recognised names in Slovenian design. His work has been noticeable ever since the mid-1960s, when as a young designer, he recognised the challenges presented by the advent of new materials, and entered the professional stage with great strides. Initially, these were associated with his work in the neighbouring Italian scene, but soon after, he turned his focus to become our very own author entirely, working for one of the most rising furniture companies in our former state, Meblo from Nova Gorica, and at the same time also partnering with others.

His first period is marked primarily by the thought of children, which already at the very beginning allowed him to be chosen as the first representative of our environment in the MoMa NY Collection. With his loungers, he proved himself as a daring member of the global designers’ avant-garde, who understood the importance of new materials and the social changes they brought.

Decades later, Oskar finds himself in harmony with nature again. All of a sudden, design to him represents a deeper human, even mystical thought, in which he recognises himself again as a visionary, communicating his intimate worlds to the wider environment. We eagerly look forward to the renewed metamorphosis of Oskar’s creativity, and today, despite him being relatively young for a lifetime achievement award, we honour him with an award for his creative opus so far, which is so rich and full of meaning that the Designers Society of Slovenia simply cannot overlook it.


Andreja Leban, Public Relations

Photo: Primož Korošec.
Archive od prof. Oskar Kogoj.