The »Open Education for a Better World« mentoring programme presented at the pre-Expo event

Dec. 18, 2020

On 16 December, Slovenia once again gained the opportunity to give a presentation at the pre-Expo virtual event.

We are proud that the »Open Education for a Better World« mentoring programme, implemented under the auspices of the Jožef Stefan Institute and the University of Nova Gorica, was selected for the presentation.

The programme has been developed and managed by Prof. Dr. Tanja Urbančič, dean of the School of Engineering and Management at the University of Nova Gorica, and Mag. Mitja Jermol, the UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning at the Jožef Stefan Institute.

The »Open Education for a Better World« international mentoring programme supports the development of freely available open resources addressing issues with wider social impact, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programme provides an innovative approach to building open educational resources.

»We have observed a gap between the needs for open education and the knowledge required for their development and application in practice. Therefore, we are working on finding potential global cooperation models, and trying to test them. The programme started based on 14 projects, and this year’s cycle ended with more than 80 projects in connection with open educational resources. Our aim was to improve the Slovenian education system; now all the good practices we have tested and developed are expanding worldwide«, said Mag. Mitja Jermol.

In the last three years, 131 projects have been included in the programme, with the participation of more than 100 mentors.

Prof. Dr. Tanja Urbančič added: »Slovenia has managed to combine the knowledge of world-class experts in education into a single platform – Open Education for a Better World, in which we take great pride; moreover, we are happy to have our good practices implemented worldwide.«

The »Open Education for a Better World« international mentoring programme has recently been awarded the »Open Collaboration Award for Excellence«.

Promotional video presentation:

Source: SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency

Andreja Leban, Public Relations

Prof. Dr. Tanja Urbančič.
Mag. Mitja Jermol.