Member of the University of Nova Gorica received the award at the International Poetry Competition Castello di Duino 2009

April 8, 2009

At the recently organised international poetry competition “Premio internazionale di Poesia Castello di Duino, Ana Toroš, MPhil, a member of the School of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica, was awarded for one of the best poems in competition.

This year, the international poetry competition attracted approximately 1,400 participating young poets from more than 80 countries. The awarded poem titled “Iskalci križišč” was the only one from Slovenia to enter this year’s final selection. The 21-member professional jury assessed the poem Iskalci križišč in its original version in Slovene, as well as in its Italian and English translations. The English version was created on the basis of the collaboration with Veronika Piccinini, BA (Hons), also a member of the School of Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica. The Italian and English translations of her poem will be published in the anthology, whereas the official CD will contain the original version of the poem in Slovene.

Danijela Paj, first-year student of the study programme Slovene Studies of the School of Humanities, also participated in the competition under the supervision of Ana Toroš, MPhil and Veronika Piccinini, BA (Hons). Her poem will be published on the official website of the competition.

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