Achievements 2011

26. JUL
A colleague from the Laboratory for Environmental Research of the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Ario de Marco, published a paper in »Cancer Cell« focused on the role of eIF6 in tumorogenesis.
11. MAY
Professor of molecular genetics at the University of Nova Gorica and in Lund University (Sweden), Prof. Dr. Jure Piškur, has just recently published with his colleagues from the yeast molecular genetics group at the Lund University (Sweden) and their Milan collaborators an article about wine yeasts and their evolution in prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications.
19. APR
Director of the graduate study program Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology of the Graduate school and a member of the Laboratory for environmental science at the University of Nova Gorica, Doc. Dr. Elsa Fabbretti participate in a research project whose main objective is to study the molecular mechanisms in sensory neurons leading to migraine in patients, why these neurons become hyperactive, and how we could stop their signaling in chronic pain conditions.