Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences


Gas chromatography – GC

Gas chromatography (GC) with FID and μ-ECD detector

Hawlett Packard HP 6890 Series gas chromatograph with GERSTEL MultiPurposeSampler MPS 2XL

Gas chromatography (GC) with mass spectrometry

Varian 3900 gas chromatograph with Varian Saturn 2100T mass spectrometer

Liquid chromatography – LC

Liquid chromatography (HPLC) with FLD and DAD detector

Agillent 1100 Series liquid chromatograph

Ionic chromatography (IC) and Liquid chromatography

Sistem components of IC and LC; Shimadzu LC-10Ai liquid chromatograph, Shimadzu CBM-20A communication module, Shimadzu CDD-10A VP conductivity detector, SeQuant CARS supressor module, CTO-10AS VP oven, SIL-10Ai avtosamples, SPD-20AV UV-Vis detector, LC-20 AD chromatografic pump


Atomic absorbtion spectroscopy with flame atomization (FAAS)

Varian SpectrAA-10 flame adsorption atomic spectrometer

Atomic absorbtion spectroscopy with electrothermal atomization (GFAAS)

Perkin Elmer 703 Grafit Furnace atomic absorption spectrometer

UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Hewlett Packard HP 8453 spectrometer

UV-Vis spectrophotometer with integrating sphere

Perkin Elmer Lambda 650S

Portable modular UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Ocean Optics QP 450-2-XSR joined spectrometer

IR spectrophotometer (IR-ATR)

Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 equipped with PIKE Gladi ATR

Laser methods


Thermal lens microscopy (TLM)

Laser flash photolysis

Laser Flash Photolysis


Inverted light microscope

Motic AE 20

Light microscope with a camera for cell culture and dissecting microscope

Motic AE 20

Fluorescent light microscope with digital camera and software for capturing and processing images

Microscope Olympus and digital camera q-color 5

Optical microscope with camera

B1 series Motic microscope with Moticam1000

Cell biology

Chemiluminescence imager

Chemiluminescence imager Uvitec

The system of SDS electrophoresis and Western blot transfer

Bio Rad, Cleaver Scientific

Device for the fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)

ACT pure, Hamilton


Optical and fluorimetrical reader of microtiter plates

Tecan Infinite F200

Luminescent and fluorimetrical reader of microtiter plates

PerkinElmer, 2030 Multilabel Reader VictorTM X2

Other analytical methods

Total carbon and nitrogen analyzer (TOC) for liqid samples

Analytic Jena Multi C/N 3100

Total carbon and nitrogen analyzer (TOC) for solid samples

Analytik Jena HT 1300

Luminometer for toxicity determination

Dr Lange Lumistox 300 with thermoblock

Photoreactors and instruments for thin layer deposition and quality determination

Circular photoreactor with possibility of using lamps with different wavelengths UV-A, UV-B

Home made photoreactor

Compound parabolic colector (CPC) reactor with artificial ligth (UV-A)

Pilot CPC photoreactor

Suntest; (UV, T) simulator of natural conditions for materials testing

Dip coater

Home made dip-coating unit

Spin coater

Laurell technologies Corp. Spin coater

Contact angle meter

KSV instruments, CAM 100

Hardness tester

Clemen Unit Scratch Test Elcometer 3000

Sample preparation


miVac DUO concentrator

Pressure fluid extractor

Presure fluid extractor, Speed Extractor E-916, BÜCHI