Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences

Past seminars 2010/2011

October 2010

14 Oct 2010
Aimee Christensen
Christensen Global Strategies
Green Tech Visiting Speaker program

28 Oct 2010
Mounir Ghribi
Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences and Technologies ICS-UNIDO)
Energy and Environment: developing alternatives to fossil fuels and ensuring environmental sustainability in developing countries

November 2010

18 Nov 2010
Vittorio Venturi
International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Trieste, Italy
Importance of inter-cellular communication in rice beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

25 Nov 2010
Internal LRO seminar 3 pm
Minoo Tasbihi

29 Nov – 3 Dec 2010
Monitoring, fate and toxicity of toxic compounds in the terrestiral environment
11th European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry EMEC11

December 2010

9 Dec 2010
Alfred Beran
The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics – OGS Trieste, Italy
Temperature-controlled toxic algae

16 Dec 2010
Laura Bonesi
Individual Based Models in environmental management.

22 Dec 2010
LRO seminars symposium and Xmas party.
Daniela Ribeiro seminar.

January 2011

13 Jan 2011
Lucia Gardossi
University of Trieste Dept chemistry, Trieste Italy
Enzymatic technologies in Biocatalysis

20 Jan 2011
Kristina Gruden
National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana

27 Jan 2011
Loredana Casalis / Denis Scaini
Enzyme diffusion and reactions in confined DNA Nanostructures