Scientific evenings 2018/2019

14 May 2019

Dr. Christine Jones Forman

Exploring the Invisible Universe: A multi-wavelength view of galaxies and galaxy clusters
Abstract and lecture

18 April 2019

Doc. Dr. Špelca Mežnar

Slovenian constitutional identity

28 March 2019

Leon Kralj

Homes of the Future

7 March 2019

Prof. Dr. Julie McEnery

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope: Opening a Window on the Extreme Universe
Abstract and lecture

22 February 2019

Doc. Dr. Lovro Žiberna

Doping and Pharmacology in Sports and Society
Abstract and lecture

12 December 2018

Prof. Dr. Paolo Creminelli

The dawn of the Universe
Abstract and lecture

15 November 2018

Dr. Wolfgang Drube

Exploring properties of the atomic microcosm with brilliant X-rays
Abstract and lecture