Scientific evenings 2009/2010

20 May 2010

Prof. Dr. Lidija Klampfer
Albert Einstein Cancer Center, Yeshiva University, USA

Tumor microenvironment, an active player in tumor progression
Abstract and Lecture

22 April 2010

Prof. dr. Matjaž Kuntner
Institute of Biology, ZRC SAZU

Evolucijske oboroževalne tekme pajkov velikanov

18 March 2010

Prof. dr. Roman Jerala
Laboratory of Biotechnology, National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia; FKKT, University of Ljubljana

Synthetic biology: from altering cell signaling to new materials

18 February 2010

Dr. Mark Pleško
Cosylab d.d.

Academic career, employment or entrepreneurship?

10 December 2009

Prof. dr. Nina Gunde-Cimerman
Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana

Salina microsafari

19 November 2009

Damjan Zabovnik

Setting speed records with human powered vehicles

21 October 2009

Srof. dr. Satya N. Atluri
Center for Aerospace Research and Education, University of California Irvine, USA

From the Mega to the Nano: Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences
Abstract and Lecture