Scientific evenings 2011/2012

22 May 2012

Doc. Dr. Jernej Barbič
Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California

An algorithm for deformations, collision detection and contact between complex deforming geometry running at hard real-time rates
Abstract and Lecture

19 April 2012

Dr. Matthew Bennett
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Department of Communication and Applied Behavioural Science

The Battle of Frigidus (394) and the Fall of the Roman Empire
Abstract and Lecture

15 March 2012

Prof. Massimiliano Pinucci
Professor at ISIA Firenze, CEO and creative director of MBVision

Stories of passion: innovation trough attraction
Abstract and Lecture

15 February 2011

Prof. Dr. Borut Geršak
Faculty of Medicine University of Ljubljana and University Medical Centre Ljubljana

Advances in heart surgery

20 December 2011

Prof. Dr. Jure Leskovec
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

Web as a Laboratory for Studying Humanity
Abstract and Lecture

17 November 2011

Prof. Dr. Andrea Nistri
Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, SISSA, Trieste

Basic research to understand spinal cord injury
Abstract and Lecture

19 October 2011

Prof. Dr. Miran Gaberšček
Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon Technologies (CO NOT), National Chemistry Institute of Slovenia, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of University of Ljubljana

Materials for electric and hydrogen cars
Abstract and Lecture