Stories of passion: innovation trough attraction

Prof. Massimiliano Pinucci

Professor at ISIA Firenze, CEO and creative director of MBVision


The ability to innovate is one of the main resources that companies now have in order to ensure the competitiveness of their production. Businesses need innovation and the ability to be proactive. This not only means making good products but also changing the way in which the various professionals involved interact during the design phase.

Design and manufacturing today needs new open-minded figures that are not fashioned in the same way. School and education can not be intended (and are not anymore) as containers of knowledge, but spaces where to develop new hypotheses and new qualities, nodes in which society and the manufacturing can be connected. For these reasons, the relationship between design and teaching can be seen as a crucial cultural synergy in experimentation and research. The designer is no longer understood as a creative devoted to the care of the aesthetics of the project, but as a figure of a complex system, integrator of functions, connector of roles and skills.

Through a series of examples related to the early days of aeronautical design, examining projects of industrial design and research projects, an overview of experiences with a common ground will be presented: the multidisciplinary approach, and passion as the main driver towards new visions and innovations. From product design to communication, from new markets to new products, old and new myths, old and new design roles. Where the transfer of competencies, different knowledge, technologies and points of view becomes the true strength of the project.