Scientific evenings 2013/2014

22 May 2014

Dr. Saša Bajt

X-ray vision: optics at the atomic scale
Abstract and lecture

16 April 2014

Prof. Dr. Nada Lavrač

Advances in Data Mining for Biomedical Research
Abstract and lecture

20 March 2014

Prof. Dr. Jukka Jokilehto

Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century: Principles & Challenges
Abstract and lecture

20 December 2013

Prof. Dr. Diego De Leo

The World Health Organization START Study: Background, rationale and development in light of the Slovene participation
Abstract and lecture

21 November 2013

Prof. Dr. Francisco Ernesto Baralle

The unexpected role of a modest, ubiquitous, cell nucleous protein in neurodegeneration
Abstract and lecture

16 October 2013

Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoerder

Women, Men, Human Capital: the Local and the Global in Migrations over Time
Abstract and lecture