What's new in our study offer?

New trends and employers’ demands for certain profiles of graduates, new markets and the growth of information technologies require continuous changes of our academic offer. Being a relatively small university we can quickly respond to changes of the labour market and other characteristics of the changing society.

New in 2019/20 – MSc study programme Viticulture and Enology for the challenges of the new millenium

In the 2019/20 academic year, the School for Viticulture and Enology has launched an interdisciplinary study programme in the field of viticulture and enology. The MSc studies give the students in-depth knowledge necessary to understand and manage the key, new, modern and environmentally friendly principles used in viticulture and enology, focusing on their critical understanding and developing skills required to be able to select suitable techniques for solving practical as well as scientific issues in viticulture and enology.

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Double BSc programme in the area of environmental sciences with the University of Bihać

In 2018/19 the School of Environmental Sciences of the University of Nova Gorica launched double-degree BSc study programme in Environment/Environmental Protection and Engineering with the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The students will follow a specially designed common programme syllabus according to the agreement signed between the two universities, allowing students to spend part of their study periods in Slovenia and part in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the entire study period, they will be registered at both universities. The graduates will be awarded a double diploma issued by the University of Nova Gorica and the University of Bihać, which will undoubtedly boost the graduates’ employment opportunities in the future.

All candidates are advised to contact the student admission office of the Univeristy of Nova Gorica (studentska.pisarna@ung.si) and the admission office of the University of Bihać concerning the admission procedures.
The citizens of BiH are exempt from paying tuition fees for full-time undergraduate studies in Slovenia (see official notice of the Ministry of Education Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia).

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Official news on the University of Bihać website
News on introducing the double diploma programme

New in 2019/20 – PhD study programme Materials

In 2019/20 the Graduate School is launching the PhD study programme Materials. The programme is interdisciplinary, research-oriented and designed for the needs of industrial development. It offers knowledge and skills in designing various basic types of materials, from their synthesis to characterization and understanding of the relationship between the structure and functional properties of materials and their applications. The programme also provides students with the knowledge and skills in developing materials for applications in energy and environmental technologies.
More information on the programme will be published shortly.

School of Engineering and Management: introduction of the new e-study platform

The School of Engineering and Management has introduced a new Mi-Team e-learning platform. Further online lecture rooms were also established and a series of lectures was videofilmed, offering our students even more flexibility. In addition, the school has recently introduced even more IT-related contents (such as internet marketing, web and mobile technologies, e-commerce, information security) and more elective courses. This additional knowledge gives our graduates, who in any case have great employment prospects, even better job opportunities.

Digital Humanities – a Master’s study programme and the Digital Humanities Certificate

Besides launching the Master’s study programme Digital Humanities (2nd Bologna cycle), the School of Humanities also offers the 30-ECTS Digital Humanities Certificate, which is of interdisciplinary nature and includes courses in the areas of humanities, computer science and multimedia design.
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Cultural Heritage Studies: double doctoral degree programme with the Università Iuav di Venezia from Venice (Italy)

Since 2017/18, the University of Nova Gorica and the IUAV University of Venice (Università Iuav di Venezia), Italy, have been offering a double doctoral degree programme within the postgraduate study programme Cultural Heritage Studies (third level). The programme is carried out by the Graduate School of the University of Nova Gorica and the School of Doctorate Studies of the University Iuav of Venice. A doctoral diploma is awarded to students by both institutions, the University of Nova Gorica and at the University of Iuav of Venice, upon their successul accomplishing of all study requirements at their home university and the pre-defined set of study requirements at the partner university.
News on launching the double degree programme
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Information on admissions:
Student Office: studentska.pisarna@ung.si or tel.: + 386 (0)5 33 15 234