Formal registration in 2017/2018 (for current students)

All students must enroll each year.

Students who will continue their study in 2017/2018 academic year should send their application by registered mail or bring it personally to the Student Office not later than 25 September, 2017.

Application form
Attachments and instructions, Bachelor students
Attachments and instructions, MSc students
Attachments and instructions, PhD students

Candidates are expected to provide all documentation by the deadline.

Applications with attachments should be addressed to:

University of Nova Gorica
Student Office
Vipavska 13
SI-5000 Nova Gorica


Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Conditional enrollment

School’s study programme committee may allow progression even if the student has not performed the required conditions, if it determines that there are reasonable grounds for this: maternity or extended illness, and the absence was not more than two months. A student must provide credible documents, which show the period in which they were not able to study. In case of prolonged illness, the student must submit a medical certificate not later than 7 days after serving an illness or injury.

Students have to submit the request for conditional enrollment to the School’s study programme committee, together with supporting documents.

School Dates for comitee
School of Sciences 22. 9. 2017
School of Humanities 19. 9. 2017
School of Environmental Sciences 22. 9. 2017 untill 12PM
School of Engineering and Management 19. 9. 2017
School of Arts 22. 9. 2017
School for Viticulture and Enology 22. 9. 2017
Graduate School /

Further information

University of Nova Gorica
Student Office
Vipavska 13
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

T: ++386 5 3315 234

Contact hours:
9.00 – 11.00 in 13.00 – 15.30

University of Nova Gorica
Student Office Vipava
Dvorec Lanthieri
Glavni trg 8
SI-5271 Vipava

T: ++386 5 9099 700

Contact hours:
Tuesday 13.00 – 15.30

Student Office Vipava is closed in July and August.