How to submit your application

First level (undergraduate) admissions for the academic year 2019/2020

Candidates must submit their application on-line.

On-line application

Candidates should send their application for enrolment through electronic form via online portal eVS: online application . Candidates must also print the electronic form, sign it and send it by post by the deadline.

Applications with attachments should be addressed to:

University of Nova Gorica
Student Office
Vipavska 13
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

Obligatory attachments:

  1. Original or copy (duplicate) of the certificate or diploma to be recognised or some other document replacing the original according to the law of the issuing country; The original or copy (duplicate) must be legalised on the basis of:
    • the 1961 Hague Convention (at the court with territorial jurisdiction where the certificate or diploma has been issued); with properly filled in apostille form affixed or
    • the Authentication of Documents in International Traffic Act.
  2. Slovene or English translation of the certificate or diploma referred to in the first indent. Translation is not needed if final diploma is in Italian language or any formal Yugoslavia language;
  3. Annual report cards, transcripts, a diploma supplement or some other evidence on the contents and duration of education;
  4. A short chronological description of the entire education prepared by the applicant, CV.

Candidates are expected to provide all documentation by the deadline.

Please notice, that not all programmes have courses available in English language.

Important dates

Candidates, who are citizens of the European Union Member States and foreigners, who have a perminant residence in the Republic of Slovenia, apply as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

Application round Students from EU Non EU students
1. round February 12 – March 18 February 12 until March 30
2. round August 22 – 29 Maj 1 – July 1
3. round September 25 – 26 (12AM) August 1 – September 1
4. round - September 10 – 26 (12AM)

Digital Arts and Practices students from EU can apply also from September 10. – September 26 (until 12AM).

Warning: If too many candidates will apply in first round of submitting, the next rounds will be closed.

Application dates for enrollment into 2nd or 3rd year of undergraduate study programmes

Application round Students from EU Non EU students
1. round 1 – 17 September 1 – 17 September

More information on recognition of academic achievements

T: +386 5 3315 234
T: +386 5 9099 717