Slovene Studies Admissions for the academic year 2019/2020

Those concerned are invited to enroll for:

three-year university study programme.

Place of study:

Nova Gorica, Vipavska 13

General requirements for enrollment are:

  • successfully completed matura exam leading to matriculation,
  • successfully completed final examination before 1 June 1995, that follows a suitable four-year secondary school programme,
  • successfully completed the final examination following a suitable vocational secondary school (vocational matura) and successfully completed the examination in one of the folowing matura subjects: history, sociology, philosophy or psyhology; this such subject shall not be the same as any of the subjects that the candidate has already successfully completed in the final examination of the vocational secondary school.

Enrollment places

Enrollment places/full-time study EU students Non EU students
1st year 25 4
2nd and 3rd year * *
Enrollment places/part-time study EU students Non EU students
1st year 5 2
2nd and 3rd year * *

* The number of enrollment places is limited by the number of places available for 1st year.

In case the number of candidates exceeds the number of available positions, the candidates will be selected based on their GPA from their secondary school programme.

Please notice that all lectures are in Slovene language!

Further information

School of Humanities
T: +386 5 3315 237

Programme description and course list
School of Humanities website