Second level study programme Viticulture and Enology

Admissions for the academic year 2021/2022

Those concerned are invited to enroll for:

two-year second level master study course.

Place of study:

Vipava, Lanthieri Mansion, Glavni trg 8

General requirements for enrolment are:

  • biology, biotechnology, microbiology, food, agriculture, agronomy, viticulture, wine production or fruit growing school degree (180 ECTS)

Candidates who have completed a study program that does not meet the criteria must send a request letter to the study committee of the School for Viticulture and Enology. Depending on the direction of the previous study, the study commission may determine additional study obligations in the range of 10 to 60 KT from the range of subjects of the higher professional study program of the 1st degree Viticulture and Enology at the University of Nova Gorica. The candidate fulfills the obligations prior to enrolling in the master’s study program.

Courses can be available in English language. The general minimum level of English language skills required is B2 (in accordance with CEFR).

Enrollment places

Enrollment places Full-time study Part-time study
1st year 20 10
2nd year * *

* The number of enrollment places is limited by the number of places available for 1st year.

In case the number of candidates exceeds the number of available positions, the candidates will be selected based on their GPA from their undergraduate study.

Further information

School for Viticulture and Enology
T: +386 5 9099 700

Programme description and course list
School for Viticulture and Enology website
The procedure for enrollment
Recognition of education