Graduate School

Laboratory of Scanning Electron Microscopy

This course is part of the programme:
Physics (Third Level)

Objectives and competences

    • To make the students introduced to the basics of Scanning Electron microscopy and related techniques (EDX, CL)
    • To present some selected case studies
    • To get practical hands-on experience and basic authonomy in imaging, elemental analysis and sample preparation.



Content (Syllabus outline)

1. Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy: motivations, typical investigated systems, apparatus

2. Surface morphology investigation with secondary electrons

3. Surface topography exploiting elemental contrast with backscattered electrons

4. Energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDX): principles, qualitative and quantitative mapping and spectroscopy.

5. Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy (CL): principles and some case studies.

6. Sample preparation: general guidelines and some examples

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Basic knowledge about Scanning Electron Microscopy and related techniques (EDX, CL)

Practical skills:

  • At the end of the course the student is authonomous in planning a measurement session, in preparing a sample and in its morphological and elemental analysis at a basic level


1. J. Goldstein et al., Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis, Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publisher (New York) 2003

2. Selected papers


  • Practical session of sample analysis • Written report on practical session results and seminar presentation • Oral exam (25/50/25)

Lecturer's references

Associate professor of Physics at the University of Nova Gorica.


University course code: 3FIi26

Year of study: 1




  • Lectures: 10 hours
  • Exercises: 45 hours
  • Individual work: 35 hours

Course type: elective

Languages: english

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures and practical training with the students on the sem/edx/cl apparatus and with sample preparation facilities. individual meetings will be done for the preparation of a written report and the seminar on a selected topic of related to sem technique.