Graduate School

Individual Research Work I

This course is part of the programme:
Humanities (Third level)

Objectives and competences

The students will strengthen their

skills related to reading and critical analysis of relevant scientific literature;

ability to critically analyse relevant data;

skills related to public presentation of research;

ability to plan and carry out research work;

ability to develop argumentation and defence of their own research hypotheses and findings.


The student must have a mentor that will assist him/her in his/her individual research work.

Content (Syllabus outline)

The student’s individual research work under mentor supervision.

The following elements will be included:

an overview of the student’s research and intended research aims for the dissertation theme;

realisation of the planned research in year one;

an analysis of the student’s research results at the end of year one;

a critical overview of the research planned to be carried out in year two.

Intended learning outcomes

Students are expected to show a visible progress in their individual research work.


Relevant literature in the field.


The student must write a report about his/ her research work and submit it to the mentor for evaluation (overview of the chosen research field, research hypotheses, aims, work plan for years two and three).

University course code: 3IK042

Year of study: 1

Course principal:


ECTS: 16


  • Individual work: 480 hours

Course type: mandatory

Learning and teaching methods:
individual research work under the mentor supervision.