Graduate School

Individual Research Work II

This course is part of the programme:
Humanities (Third level)

Objectives and competences

The student will strengthen his or her

reading and critical analysis skills related to relevant scientific literature;

ability to critically analyse relevant data;

skills related to public presentation of research;

ability to develop argumentation and defence of one’s own research hypotheses and findings.


Successfully completed Individual research work I.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Student’s individual research work under the mentor’s supervision, preparing the student for further independent research work.

The following elements will be included:

an overview of the student’s researches and intended research aims for the dissertation theme;

realisation of the planned research in year two;

a regular analysis of the student’s research results in the course of year two;

a critical overview of research work planned to be carried out in year three.

Intended learning outcomes

Students are expected to show a notable progress in their independent research work: personal initiative when ti comes to researching suitable sources and literature, and self-confidence in formulating hypotheses and professional argumentation. In the process, the mentor’s help is expected to be minimal.


The student writes his or her doctoral thesis and submits it to the mentor for evaluation.

University course code: 3IK044

Year of study: 2

ECTS: 44

Course type: mandatory

Learning and teaching methods:
student's individual research work under the mentor supervision .