Graduate School

Selected Topics in Air Pollution

This course is part of the programme:
Environmental Sciences (Third Level)

Objectives and competences

To present to the students deepen knowledge on up-to-date research activities related to problems of atmospheric pollution.


Student must have fulfilled all obligations from the first academic year

Content (Syllabus outline)

Content of course is selected by student in agreement with supervisor on topics covered by his/her research work. Topics of course are confirmed by scientific committee of Postgraduate studying program at the Faculty of environmental studies.

Intended learning outcomes

Understanding of sources, chemical processes and consequences of atmospheric pollution. Autonomous work on problems related to atmospheric pollution.


Selected articles related to atmospheric pollution (at least 20 articles).


  • Seminar work 50% • Oral exam 50%

Lecturer's references

Prof. dr. Mladen Franko is full professor of chemistry at the University of Nova Gorica.

Selected references:

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University course code: 3OK007

Year of study: 2

Semester: 3-4

Course principal:

ECTS: 10


  • Lectures: 30 hours
  • Seminar: 30 hours
  • Individual work: 240 hours

Course type: elective

Languages: english

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures, seminar