School for Viticulture and Enology

About the school

The School of Viticulture and Enology is offering, with its practically oriented study programme of Viticulture and Enology, the first programe in Slovenia that emphasise the integration of grape-growing, winemaking and wine marketing and thus combines agricultural, food production and economic sciences.

It has been developed by the University of Nova Gorica in cooperation with the National Institute of Biology, the Jožef Stefan Institute, the Scientific Research Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Instituto Esperimentale per la Nutrizione delle Piante in Gorizia, Italy.

The School for Viticulture and Enology is located in the center of vine-growing area; therefore constant integration with practical knowledge is enabled to the students and researchers.

The lecturers cooperating with School of Viticulture and Enology are excellent profession experts with multidisciplinary practical and research experiences.

University Wine Estate

Dean and the Senate

prof. dr. Branka Mozetič Vodopivec contact E-mail
prof.dr. Branka Mozetič Vodopivec
prof.dr. Andraž Čarni
higher lecturer dr. Boris Gojković
prof. dr. Maruša Pompe Novak
lecturer Andreja Škvarč
doc. dr. Melita Sternad Lemut
Tereza Valentinčič, student representative
Yue Ma, student representative
higher lecturer dr. Ivan Žežlina