School for Viticulture and Enology

Plant Physiology and Biotechnology

This course is part of the programme:
Bachelor's programme in Viticulture and Enology (1st level)

Objectives and competences

The goal of the plant physiology and biotechnology course is the joining of different fields in plant studies, to enable the students to have an extensive insight in how the plants work and response to the environment, with the putative applications of this knowledge in biotechnology.


Knowledge of biology and microbiology.

The course is associated with following courses: Viticulture, Agriculture and the environment, Trace elements in soils and plants, Plant pathology, and partly by Ampelography.

Content (Syllabus outline)


  • metabolic pathways typical for plants
  • mineral nutrition
  • growth and development
  • physiology of symbiosis and parasitism
  • plant respond to biotic and abiotic stress
  • organization of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome
  • regulation of gene expression in plants
  • application of knowledge of physiology and
  • biotechnology: plant tissue culture and genetic engineering


o plant mineral nutrition

o the influence of hormone on growth and development

o plant micropropagation

o plant transformation

o biotic and abiotic stress

Intended learning outcomes

Students will be acquainted with basic principles of plant physiology, plant genetics, and with the tissue culture and genetically modified plant technology.


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Izročki predavanj / Lectures slides


Excercises (attending tutorials and filled workbook) as a condition for the provision of colloquium and exam. The colloquium is merged with therory exam, which means that it is written at the same time (40 % tutorials/60 % lectures)

Lecturer's references

Doc.dr. Maruša Pompe Novak is an assistant professor in the field of Biotechnology, partly employed at the University of Nova Gorica, as a member of the Wine Research Centre and the National Institute of Biology, where the head of the center Planta.

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University course code: 1VV103

Year of study: 2

Semester: 2

Course principal:





  • Lectures: 45 hours
  • Exercises: 15 hours
  • Individual work: 90 hours

Course type: lectures, laboratory practice sessions

Languages: slovene

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures, laboratory practice, students' independent work