School for Viticulture and Enology

Grapevine Selection and Nursery Management

This course is part of the programme:
Bachelor's programme in Viticulture and Enology

Objectives and competences

The course is designated for students that will work in nurseries and also for

viticulturists that realise how important is good planting material.


Not required.

Content (Syllabus outline)


  • rules on the marketing of material for the vegetative propagation of vine
  • grapevine selection and certification: standard – visual selection, clonal selection;
  • sanitary selection of the grapevine;
  • quarantine organisms: virus, bacteria, phytoplasma diseases, EPPO standards (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization), legislations concerning plant health;
  • results of clonal selection in Slovenia;
  • grapevine introduction;
  • technology for growing rootstock;
  • grafting: bench grafting, green grafting;
  • nursery technology;

Field practice

The lectures are completed by practical approach in the grapevine selection and nursery

centre, nursery and rootstock vineyard. Students will do visual selection in early

summer and in the time of harvest.


  • OEPP/EPPO. Certification schemes – patogen-tested material

    of grapevine varieties and


  • Martelli, G.P. 1992. Grapevine viruses and certification in

    EEC countries: state of the art : proceedings of a Panel

    Discussion and Seminar, Valenzano (Bari), Italy, 22-23 March,

    1991. Bari : CIHEAM : IAM, 130 p

  • Walter, B., Martelli G.P. 1997. Sanitary selection of the grapevine. Paris, INRA: 225
  • Galet, P. Grape Varieties and Rootstock Varieties. 320 p
  • Galet, P. Grape disease. 254 s
  • Zakon o semenskem materialu kmetijskih rastlin Uradni list

    RS št.58-2809/2002, 6034 p

  • Proceedings of meetings of the International Council for the

    Study of Viruses and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine

  • Person, C.R.; Goheen, A.C. 1988. Compendium of grape

    disease. Amer. phytopathological society: 121 p


Assignment, written and oral examination.

University course code: 1VV305

Year of study: 3

Semester: 1

Course principal:





  • Lectures: 25 hours
  • Seminar: 5 hours
  • Field exercises: 20 hours
  • Individual work: 40 hours

Course type: lectures, field practice

Languages: slovene

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures, field observations, students' independent work