School of Engineering and Management

About the school

Effective management of modern business requires individuals who are not only experts in specific fields, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, but also who have a joint knowledge of engineering, management and economics. With this in mind, the Faculty of Engineering and Management created an undergraduate study programme in Industrial engineering, management and economics in 1998/99. In 2007/08 the programme was renovated to meet the recommendations of the Bologna declaration. At the same time, the name of the course was changed to Engineering and Management and a two year postgraduate programme was introduced.

The faculty is currently implementing the following programmes of study:

The study of engineering and management at the University of Nova Gorica offers:

  • Versatile skills – the wide spectrum of courses covers topics on modern technology, business management and human resources management.
  • Implementation of training and knowledge in practice – a special emphasis is given to a practical application of knowledge, including project work and problem solving.
  • Individual approach – the small student – teacher ratio allows for individual treatment of students’ interests wherever possible (for example, sportsmen students are given a special consideration).
  • A degree for a potentially good job – according to a study reported by the Swiss journal Prognose, the profile of management engineer is to become one of the most required and best paid jobs in the next years. The field of knowledge is getting appreciation in Slovenia as well. The faculty offers carrier and employment advice. 92,8% (figures from March 2013) of our graduates have been able to find a job within the first year after graduation.

Mission of the School of Engineering and Management

Relying on the highest standards of research and education, the School of Engineering and Management aims to connect technological, economic and organisational knowledge with other fields of knowledge, thus enabling both a process of knowledge co-creation and its transference into real life enterprises for the mutual benefit of individuals, enterprises and society in general.

Dean and Senate

prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič +386 05 620 58 31 •
prof.dr. Marko Bohanec
prof. dr. Irina Cristea
mag. Tomica Dumančič, univ.dipl.soc.
prof.dr. Juš Kocijan
pred. Mateja Milost, univ. dipl. ekon.
prof.dr. Božidar Šarler
prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič
prof. dr. Nataša Zabukovec Logar
Tamara Podveršič – student representative
Armand Zavec – student representative