School of Engineering and Management

About the school

At the School of Engineering and Management at the University of Nova Gorica we carry out contemporary interdisciplinary study programmes. The study is distinguished by its practical orientation, student friendliness and high employability after graduation.

All our study programs will be organized in a hybrid way, it will be possible to study on distance. All lectures will be available also online.

The school is currently offering the following study programmes:

Study characteristics:

  • Interdisciplinarity: The aim all our study programmes is to educate professionals with broad knowledge and comprehensive insight into the chosen field, taking into account all the aspects it encompasses. In the field of economic engineering, these are technological and business aspects, with a strong emphasis on information technology, as both production and business processes are being intensively digitized. In the field of open education, these are information technologies, business and pedagogical aspects.
  • Practical orientation: In order to be able to undertake responsible tasks as soon as possible after their graduation, students experience practical application of knowledge and skills throughout their studies.
  • Student Friendliness: The ratio between the number of students and the number of professors is extremely favorable and enables very good study conditions. Consequently, it is easier for students to assert individual professional interests or to combine their extracurricular activities with study (eg the possibility of individual treatment of students with the status of top athlete), A greater flexibility of study is also possible through the use of educational e-platforms.
  • High post-graduation employability: Graduate employability is ensured by updating study programs and by involving students in practical training and other projects where students acquire required competencies and necessary references. We also offer advice to our students in all key phases of their study path and careeer planning. Their employment rate in the year after graduation is more than 93%.

Mission of the School of Engineering and Management

Relying on the highest standards of research and education, the School of Engineering and Management aims to connect technological, economic and organisational knowledge with other fields of knowledge, thus enabling both a process of knowledge co-creation and its transference into real life enterprises for the mutual benefit of individuals, enterprises and society in general.

prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič +386 05 620 58 31 •
prof. dr. Irina Cristea
viš. pred. mag Iztok Lesjak
prof. dr. Juš Kocijan
pred. Mateja Milost, univ. dipl. ekon.
doc. dr. Maja Ovčak Kos
prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič
prof. dr. Nataša Novak Tušar
doc. dr. Aneta Trajanov
prof. dr. Barbara Koroušić Seljak
Aleksandar Kuzmanovski- predstavnik študentov
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