School of Engineering and Management

Bachelor's programme in Engineering and Management (First Level)

Study programme: Bachelor's programme in Engineering and Management (First Level)
Main fields of study: Engineering and Management
Course code: 1GI
Level of study: 1. stopnja visokošolski strokovni
Name of the qualification: Diploma
Qualification title: Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management
Qualification abbreviation: BSc in Engineering and Management
Final examination: no
Dean: prof. dr. Tanja Urbančič
ECTS coordinator: prof. dr. Iztok Arčon

Programme description

The full time course comprises of lectures, practical work sessions, an industrial placement, and a final Diploma thesis. The programme lasts 6 semesters and focuses on general fileds of study in the first three semesters, while specialised subjects are covered in the next three semesters. Teaching language is Slovene. Industrial placement in one of the local companies is 12 weeks long and takes place in the fifth semester.

An obligatory course and an enterpreneurship seminar in the third year assume that students master key topics from the first two years which are interdisciplinary connected in these two subjects.

In the diploma thesis, students typically continue with the project they carried out during their industrial placement. This allows for more thorough problem solving connected with a concrete working environment.

Curriculum of the first-level study programme Engineering and Management

Admission requirements

Completion of a four-year secondary education programme and a matura examination, a vocational matura examination or final examination. In case of limited admission, the selection criteria comprise the candidate’s final grade at the matura or final examination (60% points) and his/her overall achievement in the 3rd and 4th year (40% points).

Educational and professional goals

A graduate in Engineering and Management is able to provide solutions for managing, engineering and economic problems in a company.

Areas of work include:

  • management of technological and business systems;
  • management of industrial production processes;
  • planning, managing and assessing investment projects;
  • planning strategic and operational develoment;
  • marketing of engineering services and industrial products;
  • development of technological processes; management of computer aided systems.

Access to further studies

Graduates can enter undergraduate programmes of the university type, post-graduate programmes leading to specialization, and other post-graduate programmes, according to the recommendations issued by the respective institution of higher education in the pre-enrolment announcement for undergraduate and post-graduate study programmes.

At the School of Engineering and Management we offer a Master’s programme in Engineering and Management, prepared in alignement with recommendations of the Bologna declaration.


1. year

Compulsory courses Ure ECTS
Basics of information and communication technologies 100 4
Business Mathematics (n) 100 4
Digital resource & document management 100 4
Economics and Organization of the Enterprise (n) 250 10
Electrical Engineering (n) 175 7
Engineering Chemistry 175 7
Marketing strategies, weband new media 175 7
Technical Mathematics 175 7
Technical Physics 250 10

2. year

Compulsory courses Ure ECTS
Accountancy and Business Finances 150 6
Business information systems 90 7
Contract law and law of intellectual property 125 5
Introduction to Control Systems 250 10
Manufacturing systems 150 6
Power Engineering and Environment 150 6
Statistics 75 3
Web Technologies 125 5
General elective courses Ure ECTS
Computer programming 150 6
English 150 6
Entrepreneurship Seminar 150 6
Logistics 150 6
Sociology of Organization and Business Communication 150 6

3. year

Compulsory courses Ure ECTS
Design of an Organization - 6
Diploma Thesis 360 12
Electronic Business 150 6
Methods of System Engineering - 6
Practical placement 480 24
General elective courses Ure ECTS
Computer aided design 150 6
Entrepreneurship Seminar 150 6
Human Resource Management 150 6
Logistics 150 6
Management of Technologies 150 6
Sociology of Organization and Business Communication 150 6
Total Quality Management 60 6