School of Engineering and Management


This course is part of the programme:
Bachelor's programme in Engineering and Management (First Level)

Objectives and competences

The objective is to provide mathematical knowledge and skills needed for qualitative and quantitative analyzing of concrete business/financial problems. The students learn the basic concepts of theory of probability and statistics, using Excel/GeoGebra.



Content (Syllabus outline)

1. Probability and statistics

  • Definition and basic concepts
  • Algebra of events
  • Random variables
  • Expected value, variance, median
  • Regression and correlation
  • Testing of statistical hypotheses:

the process of testing hypotheses, basic and zero

hypothesis, errors in testing hypotheses

  • Bivariate analysis: descriptive analysis of

the relationship of two variables nominal

and ordinal character (χ^2 test, Spearman

correlation coefficient), the determination of

numerical linear relationship of two

variables (Pearson correlation coefficient,

simple linear regression, the coefficient of


  • Use computer programs Excel/GeoGebra for statistical analysis: displaying and editing data, calculating all the relevant parameters, testing hypotheses.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

By the end of this course students will be able to:

-select an appropriate statistical method for the analysis of a given dataset in Excel/GeoGebra and provide its interpretation, editing and displaying data

-calculate statistical parameters (expected value, average, variance, median, standard deviation, etc.)

-test statistical hypothesis

-determine the probability of an event


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Seminar work and homeworks, Written exam 30/70

Lecturer's references

Assoc. Prof. Dorota Korte

Principal education and research areas:

physics, materials’ ananysis, lasers’ methods

Professional career:

Assoc. Prof. Dorota Korte received her PhD in physics in 2006 at Technica University of Silesia in Poland. Her researech work started in 2007 at Technical Univeristy of Silesia in Poland where she was employed ane year as assistant and three years as assistant profesor. Since June 2008 she works at Univeristy of Nova Gorica. She is a lecturer of Physics at FVV and Statistics at PTF, FVV and FZO, as well as Project II at PTF.

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University course code: 1GI031

Year of study: 2

Semester: 1

Course principal:




  • Lectures: 15 hours
  • Exercises: 15 hours
  • Individual work: 45 hours

Course type: mandatory

Languages: slovene

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures, exercises and homework