School of Environmental Sciences

About the school

With the technological development of society, the prevention and remediation of environmental pollution is becoming an increasingly important issue. To understand such problems and to become actively engaged in reducing environmental pollution and eliminating its consequences demands highly educated experts with interdisciplinary knowledge.

The objective of the School of Environmental Sciences is to provide for the education of such experts on the basis of internationally comparable courses in conformity with similar programmes in Slovenia and abroad.

Common to the students, professors, researchers and other personnel at the School of Environmental Sciences is the desire for creative work and new scientific experiences. Furthermore, we are all attracted by the challenges of our environment to the future generations. The fact that more and more young people are joining us in our endeavours gives additional credibility to our work and visions.

Study programmes

Dean and the Senate

Prof. dr. Matjaž Valant +386 5 365 3502 • E-mail
Prof. dr. Iztok Arčon +386 5 33 15 227 • E-mail
Doc. dr. Klemen Bergant +386 1 478 4048 • E-mail
Prof. dr. Anton Brancelj +386 59 23 27 31 •E-mail
Prof. dr. Urška Lavrenčič Štangar +386 5 3315 241 • E-mail
Prof. dr. Tanja Pipan +386 5 700 19 40 • E-mail
Prof. dr. Matjaž Valant +386 5 365 35 02 • E-mail
Doc. dr. Suzana Žižek +386 5 33 15 388 • E-mail
Tanja Batkovič – student representative E-mail  
Klemen Cotič – student representative E-mail