School of Humanities

Athletes at the School of Humanities

Here are some views of athletes and students of the first degree study programme in Cultural History at the School of Humanities:

„Studying at our School is a real thing to do. When I enrolled the programme, I was not quite sure whether I would be able to continue with my sports career. By the end of the first year, I can only say – yes, that’s it! I have managed to successfully finish my first year and at the same time I have improved my sports achievements; I am very proud because I have in the meantime become part of the sport’s member representation. All this would not have been possible withut the support of our small and friendly School, situated in a unique location. What are you waiting for? Do come to Nova Gorica, and feel the life in the town by the river Soča.“

Rok Bratina, third-year student of Cultural History, mountain runner

“I’m Kris Stergulc, football player and third-year student of Cultural
History at the University of Nova Gorica. When I applied to the university
I didn’t expect I’d be so successful in combining my football career and
my studies! But because of the tailored modes of study and the professors
who have been supportive in all respects, I’ve so far managed to pass all
my exams. The studies have in no way limited my sports career, they’ve
actually helped me achieve better sports results. So I’ll forever be
grateful to the University of Nova Gorica and my professors for all the
knowledge I’ve gained thorugh them and for my personal development. The
University of Nova Gorica rules!”

Kris Stergulc, third-year student of Cultural History, football player

Rok Bratina
Foto: Uroš Švigelj,

Kris Stergulc
Foto: Rok Zore