School of Humanities

Practical placement - my experience

As a student of Cultural History at the School of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica I had an 80-hour practical placement in my third year of studies. Assist. Prof. Dr. Željko Oset had informed us about about practical placements and he had also given us some useful guidelines on working in a host organisation.
To start with my practical placement as soon as possible, I contacted the director of the Regional Archives of Nova Gorica, Mr Drago Trpin, MSc, who was glad to offer me the opportunity of a practical placement in the archives and assigned me a mentor, Mr Jurij Rosa, who works there as an archival specialist. Mr Jurij Rosa is a remarkably well-read person, who is highly specialised in working with the archival materials and at the same time he also acts as a mentor. During my practical placement period he showed me through the archives, he taught me how to handle the archival materials and assigned me various tasks, such as managing and classifying the archival materials, converting the archival materials in an e-form etc.

In case of every task he carefully presented the selected materials to me and gave me detailed instructions. I have to admit that I established a really good rapport with the staff members of the Regional Archives of Nova Gorica, everybody was really kind to me and I was often invited to the 12 o’clock teatime in the »archives canteen«. Open my farewell, I also got a gift from the staff – book on the history of Ajdovščina, written by Pavel Plesničar. I have pleasant memories of my working at the archives, and I also learned how to deal with the archival materials: how to search for them and how to use them. I find this especially useful in this particular academic year, as I am currently working on my diploma thesis. While searching for the sources for my thesis I got a lot of useful advice from the arhives specialists, who were really glad that I visited them again.
I, as well as my colleagues, got a lot of experience during preparing our diploma theses, one of my colleagues who had also studied cultural history even found a job at the Regional Archives of Nova Gorica. This not only confirms the existence of the demand for the experts with a degree in cultural history, but also speaks of the quality of the study programme itself.

Martin Batagelj, student of the undergraduate study programme Cultural History at the School of Humanities, University of Nova Gorica, academic year 2019/20