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Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the School of Science at the University of Nova Gorica. These pages provide information about who we are, what research we do, what academic programs we offer, what talks, seminars and events are scheduled, and more.

I wish to extend a special welcome to prospective students – high school students considering to enroll into undergraduate physics and astrophysics program at the University of Nova Gorica as well as undergraduates thinking about pursuing master’s degree. These pages will offer a glimpse into the range of research being done by our faculty and students, present the structure of our undergraduate and master level academic programs, and provide essential contact information. Our mission is to teach you how to confront the challenges of nature, constantly present in academia as well as in corporate environments.

Thank you for your visit.

Sandra Gardonio, Dean

Our vision

Physics addresses the phenomena in nature at its most fundamental levels on a variety of dimensonal and energy scales. The goals of physics are to build on the current understanding of nature, using careful experimentation and theoretical analysis, to extend our understanding to more complicated systems, such as molecules, fluids, solids and galaxies.

Our vision is to offer research oriented programs in natural sciences. With the academic year 2016/2017 we are introducing the programs BSc in Physics and Astrophysics and Master in Physics and Astrophysics, which will prepare our graduates are not only for a career in physics and astrophysics, but in many other fields as well, such as in industrial physics research positions, consulting, pharmacy and engineering. Joining us will not only teach you about the structure of physical law, but it will allow you to take part in its discovery through direct involvement in one of the state-of-the art supporting laboratories and centers. During your time at the School of Science you will acquire a combination of practiced intuition, scientific method, a knack for approximation and develop powerful, broadly-applicable problem-solving skills. Throughout the program we actively promote student creativity, originality and adaptability; we consider the study to be the competitive edge that may help our alumni in their professional careers.

We welcome foreign students. Our involvement in the INFINITY project provides a convenient possibility for students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to pursue physics studies at the University of Nova Gorica.


prof. dr. Sandra Gardonio +386 5 3653 500 • E-mail
prof. dr. Gvido Bratina +386 5 3653 500 • E-mail
prof. dr. Andreja Gomboc +386 5 3653 500 • E-mail
prof. dr. Giovanni De Ninno +386 5 3653 500 • E-mail
doc. dr. Egon Pavlica +386 5 3653 513 • E-mail
prof. dr. Nataša Zabukovec Logar +386 5 3653 500 • E-mail
doc. dr. Serguei Vorobiov +386 5 3653 539 • E-mail
Matej Stanič – student representative E-mail
Matevž Rupnik – student representative E-mail
Board of Studies
prof. dr. Serguei Vorobiov, chair +386 5 3653 522 • E-mail
prof. dr. Simona Golič Grdadolnik +386 5 36 53 500 • E-mail
doc. dr. Griša Močnik +386 5 36 53 515 • E-mail
Quality Assurance Coordinator
prof. dr. Egon Pavlica +386 5 36 53 513 • E-mail

Visit of professor Peter Jenni

The amphitheathre lecture hall

Laboratory for Quantum Optics – CITIUS light source

Center for Atmospheric Research – UV laser for LIDAR

Laboratory for Organic Semiconductor Physics – Glovebox

Students working with a LIDAR at Otlica observatory