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Physics and Astrophysics 1st cycle

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Program description, aims, competences, courses

The Bachelor’s degree study programme »Physics and astrophysics« aims to deliver the essential basic knowledge of the various branches of classical and modern physics and astrophysics. In addition to basic mathematical and physical contents, students get familiar with experimental methods, measurements and data processing.
Overall, the programme gives a solid general foundation, open-mindedness and problem-solving attitude.
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International environment

The study program Physics and Astrophysics 1st cycle is accredited by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education for the maximal possible seven year span (until 30 Sep. 2022).


The bachelor program is since 2007 financially supported by the government of the Republic of Slovenia which directly covers the tuition for citizens of Slovenia and other EU countries, as well as for the citizens of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Monte Negro and Macedonia. However, other students can apply for different grants, which could cover the school fee and, for foreign students, also living expenses. We incurage interested students to contact us. The program is registered in the evidence of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, which enables the students to claim their social status and benefits according to Slovenian law.

About the school

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