School of Science

Physics I

This course is part of the programme:
Physics and astrophysics

Objectives and competences

  • understanding and usage of basic concepts of classical mechanics and optics;

  • usage of computational and experimental techniques for description and solving of elementary problems in the field.

  • Content (Syllabus outline)

    1. Measurements and mathematical fundamentals

    2. Description of motion

    3. Newton’s laws

    4. Conservation of energy

    5. Conservation of linear and angular momentum

    6. Gravity

    7. Periodic motion

    8. Waves and wave properties

    9. Wave superposition, interference

    10. Doppler effect

    11. Diffraction and refraction

    12. Mirrors and lenses

    13. Optical instruments

    Intended learning outcomes

    Students will learn:

  • fundamental concepts of classical mechanics, needed to describe motion of macroscopic objects in space;

  • fundamental optical concepts, needed to describe basic wave-related phenomena in nature.

  • Readings

    1. D. Halliday, R. Resnick, J. Walker, Fundamentals of Physics. J. Wiley & Sons (2005).

    2. I. Arčon, Vprašanja in naloge za preverjanje znanja iz fizike, UNG (2004).

    3. R. Kladnik, H. Šolinc: Zbirka fizikalnih problemov z rešitvami, DZS, Ljubljana (1991).

    4. M. Gros, M. Hribar, A. Kodre, J. Stmad, Naloge iz fizike, DMFA, Ljubljana (1993).


    Written tests, writen exam, oral exam

    Lecturer's references

    Samo Stanič is full professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica.

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    University course code: 1FAF03

    Year of study: 1

    Course principal:


    ECTS: 9


    • Lectures: 45 hours
    • Exercises: 45 hours

    Course type: mandatory

    Languages: slovene / english

    Learning and teaching methods:
    lectures, laboratory work, tutorial